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10 benefits of 360 panoramas for guests and owners of holiday accommodation.

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Technology’s great contribution to the modern world is that businesses are able to use new, innovative methods to attract customers – and customers can precisely review a product before deciding to purchase it or visit a location virtually before actually going there. One of these methods is 360 photography. 360 panoramas for holiday accommodation capture the entire surroundings of a location and give the users a virtual tour of the place through their computer or mobile device.

At tripoffice.com we ask every host to provide 360 panoramas for every apartment they rent. If you want to see what it looks like in real life, check our website here. On the website, choose “360 panorama” and use your mouse (or finger on mobile) to look around. We find it beneficial for all parties involved – and let us explain why.

5 benefits of 360 panoramas for guests of holiday accommodation

Match a flat with your needs perfectly

Each and every tourist has different needs and requirements when looking for a holiday accommodation. 360 panoramas allow you to double check each apartment and make sure you like it. It’s important during every trip – but especially if you plan a workation for an extended period of time. Do you imagine spending a couple of months in a flat you don’t like? We want to make sure this doesn’t happen!

Check every detail of the property

It’s easy for property owners to hide little uncomfortable details while taking regular photos. They just need to crop the photo correctly and tourists will not know anything until actually getting there. With 360 panoramas you can review the flat thoroughly and make sure it matches your needs.

Save time

360 panoramas give you an impression of really, personally being in the apartment. Instead of watching 10 photos of a room you just see one 360 photo and get the same (or more) information from it.

Get more information at once

Have you ever lacked information after reviewing an offer on booking.com or other portals with holiday accommodation? It happened to us numerous times. 360 panoramas give immediate answers to many of these questions.

That’s why we ask all hosts on tripoffice.com to provide 360 panoramas – so that you can get as much information as possible when reviewing the offer and…

Make an informed decision

All of the above factors enable you to make a fully informed decision whether you want to stay in this apartment or not. In result, you will be more satisfied and happy with your stay!

5 benefits of 360 panoramas for owners of holiday accommodation

Increase positive reviews

Your guests will now be able to review the property before visiting and in result, they will know exactly what to expect. They will check every corner in advance and make sure the flat meets their personal needs. If the apartment in real life matches the 360 panorama – you will receive more positive reviews.

Provide transparency and increase trust

Transparency is an important factor in the process of attracting guests. 360 panoramas provide the needed transparency and in result, help you gain trust of the potential client and speed up the decision making process.

Increase engagement with the offer

Interactive offers get 300% more engagement than the ones with static images. Potential clients will spend more time reviewing your apartment, connect with it more and remember it better. 360 panorama will also help you stand out from your competition.

Reduce the number of questions from potential guests

“Is there an oven?”, “How about a microwave?”, “How big is the bed?”, “Is baby bed provided?”

How many times have you heard the same questions from potential guests? Providing 360 panoramas will give tourists more information at once in a visual, engaging form. More people review photos than read text. Providing a 360 photo will answer many questions immediately and it will save you time.

360 panoramas or interactive virtual tours convert to 14% increase in bookings

Research conducted by Matterport, a company making interactive 3D virtual tours proves that offering a virtual tour of your holiday apartment increases the number of bookings by 14%! 360 panoramas are a touch less interactive but also much easier and less expensive to make. They will positively impact the number of bookings your apartment gets.