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Battleship Game – an NFT collection for special operations.

Today, OpenSea is a calm body of water where various tokens, pictures, ETH domains, and other wonders float. Unfortunately, there is less and less space in the sea. Scams, pirates, and bad people sail there too and for this reason, we need to send our fleet of warships. Its main goal is to gain power and bring order back to OpenSea.

Demonstration of strength and technological advantage

Our navy consists of 20,000 NFT units and each of them has a unique combat strategy. There are 10 armed ships ready to fight on each battle plan.

For security reasons, all ships were placed in the decentralized IPFS file system. To quickly read and analyze individual battle plans, we have a dedicated gateway at pinata.cloud.

All ships run on cheap, ecological fuel – Polygon.

Each battle plan has a unique serial number printed on it, which is also a public key on the Ethereum network. Additionally, in the lower right corner, you can see a specialty marker of each NFT combat unit.

Positions of all ships have been saved in the metadata of each unit. Thanks to that, using filters in the opensea search engine, you can shoot at our ships. Other unit properties will be used in combat and are not available to the public.

Battleship Game

Goals and rules of the game

The main goal of the NFT Battleship Game collection is to promote tripoffice.com startup and reach the first place in OpenSea’s Top NFTs ranking.

The game is played by #tripoffice employees and digital nomads who dream of a loooong workation in a warm country. The common goal of all players is to have fun and earn ETH “points”. The war on OpenSea is not much different from other conflicts – there are no rules to it.

However, before joining the game it is worth reading the Ethereum network regulations and the Blockchain privacy policy.

Now let’s get serious.

We are the first startup in the world that conducts such innovative marketing activities in web3. Today, nobody can predict how the war on OpenSea will develop and what will result from it.


Initially, all 20,000 NFT tokens from the Battleship Game collection are on our company’s official wallet at tripoffice.eth.

The price of each NFT is linked to its serial number. The first token costs 0.001 ETH, the last one with the number 20,000 is for sale for 0.1 ETH. The NFT price increases by 0.001 ETH every twenty tokens.

  • NFT #1 -200 = 0.001 ETH
  • NFT #201 – 400 = 0.002 ETH
  • NFT #401 – 600 = 0.003 ETH
    . . .
  • NFT #20000 = 0.1 ETH

According to the above algorithm, we set the price of all available 20,000 NFTs that have been minted in Polygon network on tripoffice.eth wallet.

Tripoffice’s team and employees will buy the first tokens with numbers from 1 to 400.

Several hundred tokens will be distributed to solidity developers, outstanding specialists in the IT industry, hackers, bloggers, journalists and promoters of blockchain technology.

War and marketing strategy

The war on OpenSea will be divided into two stages. During the first few months, our naval fleet will conduct military exercises on OpenSea. During this time, we will arm ourselves, establish military alliances and track potential targets to sink – hostile NFT collections.

The following operations are planned for the first part of the game:

Demonstration of strength and technological advantage.

Using our NFT collection, we will explain in media how a smart contract works, how to use blockchain and how to use NFT and web3 for marketing purposes. We will share knowledge on social media while building the strength of the Battleship Game and tripoffice.com brand.

Joint military maneuvers.

The vast majority of the NFT collections are just nice-looking pictures that do not have any combat abilities. We plan to invite NFT collectors to perform military maneuvers with us. We will show everyone how to use the built-in filters on OpenSea in our strategy game. Anyone curious how the NFT game works will also learn what Battleship Game, #workation, and #tripoffice are.

Defense-military alliance.

Each NFT collection has its command staff. We will offer cooperation, joint marketing activities, and technological support to selected projects.

Rearming allies.

We have all the necessary tools to generate thousands of unique images. #Tripoffice also owns software for the comprehensive service of any NFT collection. We will be happy to help influencers create their NFT projects for free. Of course, we offer help only to those who will play Battleship Game publicly with us as a part of the alliance.


We own NFT tokens that are valuable to recognizable companies and personal brands. We have also established cooperation with investors who have a large collection of ETH domains. Valuable tokens will be included for free to some NFTs from our collection. Transparency is the greatest advantage of Blockchain, which is why we will make great offers in public on social media.


The main goal of our NFT collection is, of course, to popularize democracy. Therefore, all maneuvers of our navy will be consulted within a decentralized autonomous organization DAO.


Information wars are the most important on modern battlefields. For propaganda purposes, we will use discussion groups, social media, and our secret agents scattered on discord servers.

Special units.

Our professional army is equipped with standard marketing tools. We also have an elite strike unit of growth hackers. The conscription army is fully automated. The commander of the bots is General Python, sailing on his ship Selenium.

Ammunition and arms trade.

We mainly invest in PPC (Pay Per Click) firearms. We only buy ammunition from trusted traders, i.e. Google Ads and Microsoft. In secret laboratories, we also develop weapons of mass destruction – viral posts on social media.

Peacekeeping mission

A peacekeeping mission is not much different from a war declaration, so we will use these words interchangeably from now on.

We will only declare war on OpenSea when we feel strong enough. No wise commander sends his troops to attack unless he is sure of victory. Battleship is a strategy game and our experienced general has mastered the art of war to perfection.

After collecting the right amount of ETH tokens, making alliances, and recruiting the best specialists in the IT industry, we will start the attack.

Have you already guessed why our 500 initial tokens will go to prominent experts and not to Instagram influencers?

Yes! That’s how we recruit an elite unit that will look for weak points in competing NFT collections. Our special department full of great IT specialists will analyze smart contracts of hostile NFT collections. We will also look at transactions publicly available on the blockchain.

We will track, surround and sink every SCAM on OpenSea!

The decision about a media-speculative attack is always made by the DAO.

The general staff of the armed forces

The author of NFT Battleship Game collection is the startup tripoffice.com

Tripoffice is a global marketplace of apartments equipped with ergonomic stations for remote work. At the first glance, an ordinary, traditional business that has nothing to do with metaverse, NFT, and the web3 trend.

All our holiday apartments are located in the real world and can only be booked using traditional payment methods.

So why do we create an NFT collection and enter the metaverse?

The answer is very simple:

Today, many specialists in the IT industry are interested in blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrencies. Most of them work remotely and workation is nothing new to them. These are our potential clients and our target group. They hang out on discord, write smart contracts, buy NFT, and are already in the metaverse. To reach them, we need to be where they are.

Digital nomads working in #tripoffice are not only avid travelers but also programmers and fans of blockchain technology. For this reason, most of our marketing campaigns will take place in the metaverse.

Battleship Game is a strategy game used for growth marketing of tripoffice.com platform. All operations carried out as a part of the game will be described in detail on our blog and on social media.

We invite you to our Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord

To the moon!

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