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Is it worth buying the best ergonomic chair in the world?

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Buying an office chair for over 1500 USD just to put it in an apartment for rent seems an absurd idea. However, let’s consider this expense as a marketing investment.

An ergonomic, decent office chair is the main element of each tripoffice apartment. It’s one of the most important things in a flat adapted for remote work. If you think that all office chairs are similar, you are wrong. There is an iconic, almost legendary chair, which, like Apple, has its loyal fans.

It is Aeron chair by an American company Herman Miller.

Let’s assume you spend 1500 USD on advertisement which:

  • Makes your apartment to stand out in all booking services.
  • Has a direct impact on the number and length of bookings.
  • Increases the occupancy of the apartment by 10%

And the best thing? You spend the amount of 1500 USD once on a chair (advertisement) and it pays off for many years.

Many people will choose your apartment to see and test one of the best office chairs in the world. The competition on the market is enormous so you need to have something special that will differentiate you.

Is Aeron really the best ergonomic chair?

Aeron has been produced since 1994 without major structural changes, which made it an iconic chair on the market. The New York Museum of Contemporary Art and the Design Museum in London have put Aeron on permanent display. Herman Miller has been producing chairs and office furniture for almost 100 years, remaining a pioneer of innovation and technology in the office equipment industry.

Hollywood and the Silicon Valley love this chair too. Aeron appeared in movies and cartoons. Fans of this chair did not miss the fact that in the Simpsons, the God himself used it!

An outstanding doctor and genius diagnostician, doctor House also knows what is good. We obviously mean the Aeron chair, not the drugs he abused.

James Bond equals elegance, fast cars and beautiful women. It would seem Agent 007 does not need an office chair. Daniel Craig in the movie Casino Royale did not use a desk, but Aeron chair did play a role there!

Aeron looks great but that’s not its only advantage. Most importantly, it is an incredibly comfortable chair – which is why thousands of programmers, engineers and copywriters want to use it.

Size and configuration matter

The Aeron office hair is available in three sizes – A, B and C. Size B will be the best choice for an apartment for rent – it is the most versatile. Herman Miller state on their website that a B-sized chair is the best choice for 90% of users.

When ordering a chair from an official distributor, you can choose the color of the mesh, the material used for the armrests, the chair’s frame and many other accessories. Each element of this chair has been designed with the user’s health and comfort in mind.

Aluminum elements with a black mesh look great in pictures and attract potential guests.

Another important thing is that 52% of Aeron’s materials are recycled. The chair consists of aluminum (33%), steel (16%), plastic (45%), foam (2%) and other materials. After recycling you can reuse, as much as 92%!

Aeron can be disassembled using standard tools, which allows you to reuse, repair and recycle its components. All plastic elements heavier than 50 grams are marked with special codes to facilitate segregation. The Indoor Advantage Gold certificate confirms that Aeron chairs support healthy interiors. They meet strict requirements for low emission of volatile organic compounds.

Which apartment will be booked first?

An ordinary holiday apartment which does not stand out with anything memorable? Or a tripoffice apartment which contains a piece of art – the iconic Aeron office chair?

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