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Why standard workation is a bad idea? Workation 2.0 explained!

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Have you always wondered how having an efficient workation is possible? Have you looked at the photos of people working from the beach and just laughed in disbelief? Good! We agree that it is hardly possible to connect work and vacation efficiently – unless you apply workation 2.0 rules. Let us explain the difference.

Workation 1.0 – what is it like and why doesn’t it work?

When you think of a standard workation, you probably imagine a person sitting with their laptop on a beach. They have an ice-cold drink nearby and the sun shining right on their face. They type something with one hand while putting sunscreen on their warm skin with the other.

But what would that be in real life?

Let’s see…

On the beach, the wind blows hard. It lifts handfuls of sand and throws it right into your face and eyes. And even worse – your laptop. You can clean yourself easily but have you ever tried to clean a laptop from sand? Trust us, it’s not fun… we’ve been there.

The sun is shining bright and it burns your skin. You look at your screen, and increase the brightness to maximum but… you still don’t see anything. As a result, you struggle to even read your e-mails!

And just listen to the noise… Beaches are full of kids running around, playing, and screaming. Would you be able to pick up a phone call from a client and understand what he needs if all you hear are screams, on top of the wind and waves? There is no way unless you choose an empty, remote beach… with no internet reception!

You lie on a sunbed and the position is great for relaxing but horrible for focusing. You try to find a better position but after 1 hour your back hurts and you start being worried that your workation will end at a physiotherapist.

And most importantly… how are you supposed to focus and perform your duties efficiently with so many distractions around? When you are on the beach, all you want to do is sunbathe, enjoy your drink, and float in the sea on your big inflated donut!

That kind of workation (we call it workation 1.0) may look great in photos but it will be a nightmare both for your efficiency as well as for your peace of mind.

That’s why we promote Workation 2.0.

Workation 2.0 – explained

How is workation 2.0 different? It focuses on keeping your work-life (or work-vacation) balance.

We recommend you to rent a flat with an ergonomic workspace available on tripoffice.com. Each flat has an ergonomic chair, a height-adjustable desk, fast Internet connection confirmed by a speed test. You can see each flat on 360 panoramas to make sure it meets your needs.

Use the space to work efficiently for a couple of hours and after that…

Go and enjoy the beach without being afraid of the sand, wind, sun, or any of the “dangers” mentioned above! 🙂

This is the best way to have an efficient and enjoyable workation. You will do your job efficiently, your clients and/or boss will be happy – and you will also rest and enjoy the beauty of the new place you visit.

So don’t let beautiful images of workation 1.0 trick you. Work smarter, rent an apartment with an ergonomic workspace, and truly enjoy an efficient workation 2.0!

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