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10 top tips for working remotely

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tips for working remotely

If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle you may need time to adjust. Whether the change was caused by the pandemic or because you’ve found a remote job or started working as a freelancer, you may need some tips for working remotely to help you modify your habits and routines. But don’t worry – you can make working from home a good experience!

At tripoffice we have extensive experience in working from home as well as from other parts of the world (we love workation 🙂 ). We’d like to share our top tips for working remotely – and enjoying it!

Top tips for working remotely

1. Have a designated workspace

It is not always possible to designate a separate room for remote work. But if you are able to find space for a desk or at least dedicate a part of the kitchen table for work – do it. Separate the space so that you can focus on tasks without being distracted. Keep all your working equipment and documents there to avoid looking for them every day.

2. Change from your pajamas to normal clothes.

While working in your pajamas may sound comfortable, it does not help your brain switch to productive work mode. Get dressed!

3. Stick to your working schedule

If you have flexible working hours, find the perfect time for work. Use the time of the day when you are the most productive and then switch off your computer and disconnect. It’s easy to try and be always available when you work from home – avoid that or you may reach a burnout.

4. Take scheduled breaks

Try stretching every hour or so, especially if you don’t have a proper, ergonomic chair at home. Walk around the house or take a walk outside and refresh. Pro tip: you can take conference calls while walking!

5. Set rules with people in your space

Do you share your working space with your partner or a roommate? Negotiate times when you have meetings and when it is silent time. If there are kids having online classes or coming home from school early, tell them clearly what they can and can’t do during your work.

6. If you work with others, stay in constant touch.

If you have coworkers and colleagues, contribute to the group chats. Share what you’re working on but also remember to have friendly conversations like you would in the office with a cup of coffee 🙂 Use video calls to have face-to-face contact

7. Communicate clearly

Speaking to someone face-to-face includes not only words but also non-verbal signals. E-mails, online chats and phone calls don’t have it so your messages need to be as clear as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

8. Take sick leaves

When you work from home, especially as a freelancer, it is tempting to keep working despite the fact that you are sick. It’s not good for your long-term productivity and well-being. Take a couple of days off to recover!

9. Take advantage of the perks

Working for home has unique perks. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to adopt a dog but you were not around enough? Now it’s time to do that. Have you always dreamed of working from a paradise island on another side of the world? Go for workation (here are just 7 easy steps to organize it)! Work from coffee shops or coworking spaces if that’s what you want. Think how you can use remote work to your advantage.

10. Find out what works best for you

Use the flexibility and put your favorite music (or enjoy the silence). Adjust your working hours, choose comfortable clothes which don’t need to meet the dress code. Take a break for your favorite sport and… enjoy working remotely!