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9 most popular types of holiday accommodation.

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Have you ever wondered how diverse the market of holiday accommodation really is? It offers numerous different types of facilities and every tourist will find something suited to their needs.

In this article we will sum up the most common types of accommodations in order to help you choose the best one for your needs!

Types of holiday accommodation

1. Tripoffice

It is a new accommodation type which includes a remote workstation. The #tripoffice standard precisely defines all elements which an accommodation dedicated to workation needs to include. The basic tripoffice equipment is an adjustable desk, ergonomic chair and stable internet. The premium option also includes professional monitors on ergonomic arms.

Holiday apartments which follow the tripoffice standard are perfect for workation. Accommodation facilities of this type are usually booked by digital nomads and remote workers for an extended period of time – from a couple of weeks up to a few months.

2. Hotels

A hotel is an accommodation type which provides a wide range of services like a restaurant with full board, swimming pool, gym, daily cleaning services and many more. It usually has more than 10 rooms and most of them are perfect for singles, couples or families. It’s usually booked by travellers who value comfort and high standard.

3. Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels are elegant, luxurious facilities, often located in historic buildings. They provide hotel services at the highest level, often at a 5-star standard. They are small, private and their interior is unique and stylish. Travellers who look for the highest standard of services and some privacy usually stay there.

4. Motels

A motel is a type of accommodation located near a road. You will find them outside of big cities on major car routes. They offer parking spaces and a restaurant is usually available on site. It’s booked by truck drivers as well as tourists on a road trip.

5. Hostels

It’s cheaper than a hotel and offers a lower standard. It has shared dorms, from 3 to 9 beds or even more and guests can rent just one bed. Most often the rooms share a bathroom in the corridor. Guests can also use the shared kitchen where they can prepare their own meals.

Nowadays, many hostels also offer single and double rooms, sometimes with an additional bathroom – but such accommodation is much more expensive than dormitory rooms.

Tourists who travel on a budget or don’t plan to spend much time in their accommodation usually choose this option.

6. Campgrounds

Campgrounds are facilities where guests can stay overnight in tents, or campervans. In the campsite guests can prepare meals, park cars and use sanitary facilities. Some properties offer guests the possibility of staying in bungalows. Tourists who look for contact with nature, enjoy camping and value basic comfort will use campgrounds.

7. Bungalows

Bungalows are small houses, usually wooden, sometimes available on campgrounds. They offer basic conditions but they cover all needs. They have a bathroom and kitchen. In exotic countries their roof is made of palm leaves. The bungalows are often located next to beaches and have a veranda overlooking the sea. Travelers looking for peace of mind and average level of comfort will choose them.

8. Wild camping fields

They are places usually marked on maps and recommended online which enable staying in tents, but unlike official campsites, they don’t have any facilities – no toilets, showers, kitchens. It’s usually in the wild, near hiking trails or by lakes and rivers. Experienced campers and people who love the wilderness usually stay there.

9. Agritourism

They are private properties or small family businesses which rent a few rooms in their own house. You can stay in an agrotourism outside of big cities, in the countrysides. They often offer home-made food and recreational area in their garden. You can often meet farm animals there or learn about organic farming. It’s a perfect choice of accommodation for families with kids and people who look for a local experience in contact with nature.